Reptar & GroupLove – Concert Review

Voice = gone. Ears = ringing. Mind = blown.

This week, I did what I like to call “pulled an Ian.” I went to two shows this week, two days in a row. Though, Ian has done 6 shows in 7 days (how?!?!?!).

You can read the review for the first show I went to here (written by the one, and only, DJ Echoes).

If you’ve been an avid 1146 miles follower for the past few months, you’ve seen me write about the first time I ever saw GroupLove play live, which also happened to be the first time I had ever heard of them. From that show onwards, I’ve been a fan. I knew I had to see them when they returned to DC’s beloved 9:30 Club last night. Only this time, GroupLove was headlining and the show –stopping “opener” was a band hailing from Athens, Georgia named Reptar (which Ian has tweeted about quite a few times).

I put the word “opener” in quotation marks because Reptar’s performance was far beyond what you would expect of any “opening band.” Most all opening acts are those that concert goers like to avoid, by checking set times and making sure they arrive at the venue right when set change is happening. (This is not to discredit opening bands; every single one of my favorite bands has gained their success by being somebody’s opening band.)

With that said, I have thoroughly enjoyed the opening bands to the last few shows I’ve been to, and Reptar was no exception. Two songs in, I had wished I had listened to more of their music before going to the show; however, not having done so just made me notice the ridiculously fun stage presence these guys have. Some metallic pants – smooth dance moves – crazy dance moves – hair flipping that most girls can’t even pull off – did I mention metallic pants?!?

Musically, Reptar has a lot to offer. None of which I’m going to describe because I want you to listen to their music instead.

GroupLove. Oh GroupLove, you’re such a lovely cup, why don’t you fill me up? Oh wait, you did… with an hour of pure bliss. As a person in the audience, my experience was so much better than it would have already been because of one reason: every single one of the band members on the stage looked like they were having the absolute best day of their life. Favorite part of the show: when GroupLove played their rendition of the late Whitney Houston’s I Just Want to Dance with Somebody (the best cover I’ve ever heard), where Reptar accompanied them by throwing flowers and toilet paper all across the stage.

There’s literally nothing more I can say about how amazing GroupLove is during a live show. What I can say, though, is that the one new song they played was awesome and I can’t wait to hear more of the new material. Until that point, I’ll just leave you itchin’ on a photograph