Anton Franc – Letting Go (Music Video)

There are moments I am absolutely amazed at what writing about music has afforded me. I’ve had the opportunities to go to shows, meet awesome people, and discover worlds unbeknownst to me. All for scribbling words digitally about music that I like and love.

Some of those amazing moments are emails from bands I am personally enthralled with. It’s quite a different beast from PR emails to have exchanges with a pair of guys from Western Australia that I stumbled across over a year ago that are making music that I believe the world should hear.

This is the first music video for Anton Franc and it honestly gave the same reaction when I heard this same song for the first time last year. There’s a bit of a mesmerizing effect it has on me. I slow down, ponder a little, and come away wanting to share it with everyone I know. So on the little soapbox of this site, I want to share with you the music video for Letting Go. They started working on it almost 9 months ago and it was shot in northwest Australia with the natural beauty apparent. The duo personally invested themselves in creating this video: Josh Bowyer wrote and directed it and Jamie Kuzich produced it. Like their music, this music video is excellent craftsmanship.

Perhaps fitting for today, I have an almost paternal pride in what Jamie and Josh are doing. They are, without a doubt in my mind, moving forward impressively and embracing an ambition that I hope yields great things for them. Already, they have received plays on Triple j and I suspect this won’t be the last you hear from them…especially from me.

Here are links to their Facebook, their Twitter, and their website.

If you haven’t listened and watched the music video for Letting Go above already, please do so, it’s worthy of your time.

Happy Father’s Day.