Lykke Li Covered My Favorite Fleetwood Mac Song

I’ve been meandering in my musical listening a little bit. A music walkabout, if you have it. Whatever you want to say about it, it has been going back to a lot of old favorites and hasn’t inspired a significant amount of writing from me. My reservoir of writing desire was low (and still is) so there has been more infrequency in the things that I say, even when there are a number of songs worthy of your attention (for example, see Conveyor’s new release).

Silver Springs is my favorite Fleetwood Mac song so to have it have covered, picqued my interest. I’ve never considered Lykke Li a huge vocalist but this cover maintains the fragility and poise of the original in a way that would do Stevie Nicks proud. This version isn’t quite as raw and emotionally-charged, but it is worthy of a listen or two or four.

Lykke Li’s version comes out August 14th on the tribute album of Fleetwood Mac’s greatest hits, Just Tell Me That You Want Me, out August 14th via Concord Music Group.

Hope you enjoy.