The Royal Concept

The Roya Concept

Releasing their self-titled debut EP, The Royal Concept initially caught my attention when compared to Phoenix and The Strokes. Certainly my enthusiasm has been tempered by PR hyperbole, but I’m always interested in guitar-driven music, whether in the garage vein of The Strokes or dance vein of Phoenix. My intrigue paid off this time. I’m sure you’re going to hear more from The Royal Concept between their music and the major label backing, but let here be the first time if you haven’t already.

With songs like D-D-Dance and Gimme Twice, you can’t help but hear Phoenix and for a second think it’s the Parisians instead the Swedish boys that form The Royal Concept.

The Royal Concept is made up of David Larson, Filip Bekic, Povel Olsson (who also doubles as Robyn’s drummer), and Mangus Nillson. The band formed in their hometown of Stockholm in 2011.

And as much as I love the dance-y music like the aforementioned two songs, it’s In The End that is the highlight of the EP for me. It’s slowed down, more epic sounding; reminiscent of personal favorites Ou Est Le Swimming Pool and quite the capper for the 5 song EP. Take a listen.

They will play select dates with both Alex Clare and Fun. this summer. Be on the lookout. Enjoy.

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