The Great American Desert – Carson City

I tend to listen to music that reflects my feelings at the time. I think I’ve touched on this previously at some point, but to be honest, a lot of the posts run together after a while, kind of like the faces of acquaintances that pass through your life.

Great American Desert - Carson City

The album Carson City by The Great American Desert is for those distant, downtrodden times. It’s stripped down, simply recorded in a living room. I’ve had the record for over a month and it dovetailed with my feelings for most of that time, basically until recently. I didn’t have much to say about it when I listened to it most frequently. Now, I share my thoughts on it.

The songs are stories of travel, love, loneliness, home, and family. It’s no wonder I took to it.

There’s not one track that stands out, but the album is one ongoing accompaniment to whiskey and thoughts about disappearing to an isolated cabin for a bit of time so that time can assuage the loneliness, the weariness, the trials we face.

And as lonely and despaired and distant as the recording may be, or at least, the feelings I associate with the times I listened to the album, it ends on a somewhat positive note with Father’s House concluding with the repeating:

Take it easy, give it time, give it time.

And that’s the takeaway, for me, that sometimes time is the only thing that can heal–from the glass shard that accidentally penetrated my leg while helping a girl weigh down her truckbed with Quikrete in the winter to the vitriol directed at the departed who are blamed for the horrible actions of another. Actually, that’s not the takeaway for me. Those concluding lines point us towards the takeaway.

It’s that things are never as good or as bad as they seem at the time. Rash decisions directed at the blameless help the fools pretend that they’re making the world better, fairer. And the sky is not falling around me because I want something or am homesick. Even though the mountains and valleys might not be as high and low as we make them out to be, they are there. We can’t pretend that everything is wonderful all the time, but it’s equally important to not forever wallow in the disappointments either. For those times in the valleys, The Great American Desert provide a soundtrack so that you’re not so alone.

Take it easy, give it time, give it time.

The Great American Desert is the current recording alias of Max Holmquist. He previously recorded under the name South of Lincoln, putting out one of my favorite albums of last year. Carson City will be under consideration for this year.

Carson City was released at the end of June on Yer Bird Records. The title track is available for free download at Bandcamp and Soundcloud among other places.

Here’s the Facebook page.