Ian's Summary of Current Hype (Bring It On Home To Me Edition)

I think sometimes we’re in a rush.

I think sometimes we focus too much on trying to be first or the novelty of something and we lose focus on quality in music or otherwise.

I think we need to slow down and look around and enjoy what’s before us.

That’s why this post features an old favorite, Sam Cooke’s Bring It On Home To Me, instead of something new as I summarize where I fall on some of the currently hyped music. This post has it origins in part because I agree with the Washington Post rightly taking a shot at Pitchfork regarding Twin Shadows and the fact that P4K is willing to peddle mediocrity and have the arrogance that they can convince listeners that ‘crap doesn’t stink.’

I think there’s been a glut of individual posts featuring the new xx, Purity Ring, Passion Pit, and Dirty Projectors recently so I’ll use them as my inaugural set of hyped artists, albums, and songs. Let me break down how I feel about each.

Angels by The xx. It’s ok; I’m not enthralled but it’s more on the good end of the spectrum than the bad end for me.

Purity Ring is awesome live and I totally recommend seeing them. Their songs on Shrines all tend to sound the same to me, though. If you like the sound, you’ll love it, if not, you won’t understand the hype. I fall more in line with the former.

As far as Gossamer by Passion Pit (link is to NPR’s First Listen), give me some more time to digest it. I think it might be a favorite but I’ve only had one full listen through. Cry Like A Ghost is an absolute jam, Hideaway is such a great, driven pop song, and It’s Not My Fault, I’m Happy is definitely way up there on my favorite songs list.

I don’t like Swing Lo Magellan by Dirty Projectors. Perhaps I don’t have the requisite ears to ‘appreciate’ it (every once in awhile there’s a buzz band where I don’t get the hype, that’s Dirty Projectors right now). I don’t begrudge you if you like them, I just think it’s an album that will be forgotten, more or less, within the year despite receiving plenty of hype and praise.

I’m more aligned with WaPo than Pitchfork on Twin Shadows, obviously.

And that’s your summary of my views on the currently hyped music. This may be become a regular feature, but I have this thing about commitments, that’s a whole different story…