First Impressions: Two Door Cinema Club – Sleep Alone


“Sleep Alone” is the first single off Two Door Cinema Club’s upcoming sophomore album Beacon, set to drop here in the U.S. on September 4th. If you head to their site, you can download a copy of the single for a limited time.

If you could pick one way to criticize their debut album, Tourist History, you might discount it based on substance. Make no mistake, it’s still on my regular playlist and I find it a great example of a mastery of craft: perfectly built pop songs that take me back to a much different time in life. Yes, it was just a little over two years ago, but much has changed in my camp since then.

“Sleep Alone” is driving and introspective from the start, but don’t worry, it hasn’t lost the lead guitar riffs that made Tourist History that much catchier. I’m hoping it’s a good indicator of what is to come from Beacon: Slightly more sophisticated in message, without losing sight of what had us hooked all along.