Holy Esque – Prophet of Privilege

I was recently sent a track by Holy Esque called by Tear that I loved. They’ve asked everyone to hold off sharing it until it’s release on August 7th and I’ll honor that. I hadn’t heard of the Scottish band before that email so I went searching to hear some more of their music.


And holy cow, there was something special about their sound to me. The lead singer, Pat Hynes, has that perfect imperfect voice that tends to find its way to roots rock and alternative country. Here, there are elements of epic, anthemic Scottish indie rock combined with that ragged voice.

The band is made of up four Glasgow School of Art students and there’s not much more biographical information from immediate searching and the fact I’m not downloading the press kit.

Where I spent my time searching was for more of their music. Once you hear Prophet of Privilege, I think you understand and approve of how I spent my time. Enjoy this song.