Introducing: Jeremy Flood

Here’s a really interesting side project out of Denver. I’m not the first to feature Jeremy Flood but I wanted to feature two different songs and darn if I don’t suck at titling posts when it’s not just ‘Band – Song Title.’

For those of you like me that like synthpop somewhat similar to Glowbug, this music is right up your alley. Like Daniel Anderson with Glowbug, Patrick McGuire has taken on a separate persona, Jeremy Flood, for this diy electronic music. It’s got a minor bedroom aspect to it, but as the craftmanship of a skilled musician, there’s only slight hints outside the Bandcamp description that this was produced on a computer in spare time. Enjoy City of Light and Coma Kid below.

If you’re interested in more of Patrick’s music, check out Flashbulb Fires.

Here’s the Facebook page and the Bandcamp page for Jeremy Flood.

City of Light by Jeremy Flood

Coma Kid by Jeremy Flood