A Silent Film – "Danny, Dakota & The Wishing Well"

When did you discover your last guilty pleasure song? We all have them from time to time, and they are always identifiable from the first note – either because they are penned by those certain artists that you just know your friends would never approve of, or because there is some mysterious catchy element that somehow pulls you in deeper and deeper with each listening. Odds are, it’s time for a new guilty pleasure song, and I know the perfect track to replace your last one with.

“Danny, Dakota & The Wishing Well” is an alternative pop anthem by A Silent Film, an English band that released their sophomore album Sand & Snow earlier this summer and have a follow-up EP that came out August 5. I was hooked the second I heard the power chords built into this song’s chorus: the orchestral refrain is a bit repetitive, yes, but it’s as catchy and triumphant as any truly great pop song. The lyrics hooked me even further; I can’t help but love the narrative structure of songs like The Killers’ “A Dustland Fairytale” or Coldplay’s “Paradise,” and “Danny, Dakota & The Wishing Well” tells the story of a turbulent romance just as well as the rest. After the story comes to a close, A Silent Film fades away for a moment, as if to close the song, but swiftly returns to deliver their catchy refrain one last time – proof that they love it, too.

Check out the Soundcloud link below to see if you agree, or you can watch the music video on the band’s website asilentfilm.com.

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