The Antlers – Crest

I’ve been on a huge noir kick lately. I just finished another Raymond Chandler novel (“Farewell, My Lovely”) and decided to watch Mulholland Dr. this weekend. Maybe my immersion into these stories subconsciously pushed me towards checking out music with a similar tone while at Baltimore’s awesome Sound Garden last night. The Antlers’ Undersea is a four song EP that marks a pretty large step for the band thematically. While a lot of people are still in summer-fun mode with releases such as Passion Pit’s Gossamer or Purity Ring’s Shines, I’m grooving to an EP with a tone slightly darker, slower, and more sinister.

The third track of Undersea is titled “Crest”, and it could easily be the soundtrack to a trenchcoat-clad private eye shuffling down a dimly-lit alley. The prodding bass lines and muted trumpet melodies carefully weave through one another as frontman Peter Silberman sings:

“Wait in the dark for me,
wait ’til you hear my feet[…]”

I became aware of The Antlers as they started receiving praise for their soul-crushing album Hospice and have been hooked ever since. But I’m glad that they’ve looked to different musical and lyrical themes for their more recent work- I’m not sure many people could handle a Hospice 2. Check out “Crest” below, and if you enjoy the hazy melodies and menacing lurch of the song, check out the rest of Undersea, out on Anti Records now.