Slam Donahue – Big House Nice Dreams

It’s Wednesday and I figured I would post something this week and after I blessed the rains down in Africa. It’s easy to get excited about these guys because they’re signed to Cantora Records, which is a buzz blessing (the label that launched MGMT into indie stardom).

Big House Nice Dreams is an EP released in March by Slam Donahue. The 7 song EP is rough and poppy at the same time. It’s ragged diamonds. Lots of people like when the stones are polished on and ornamented with nice golden productions. I kinda like when diamonds cut glass. This is the last time I will try to use a drawn-out jewelry analogy, but suffice to say this is one of my favorite EPs of 2012.


  1. It’s Scary
  2. No More Talking
  3. How To Be Cool
  4. Con Song
  5. Where Are You
  6. This Is All
  7. Tent

I’ve included the EP to listen below. Personal favorite is No More Talking. I also included Where Were We On The Weekend because I love that song, too.

Yesterday, Slam Donahue released a new EP, Hemlock Tea. Check that out and here’s their Facebook page. Enjoy.