Two Door Cinema Club – Beacon

A few years ago, a neighbor and friend of mine was blasting “What You Know” from his apartment, and I stopped over to ask him which band had written the song. He showed me a setlist with the Two Door Cinema Club logo at the top, and put a few songs on his speaker system. I proceeded to get my hands on Tourist History, and I’ve been listening on repeat, dancing awkwardly, and recommending it to everyone I know for a little over two years.

Beacon is the follow up to Tourist History, and throughout the past few weeks of listening, I’ve grown to appreciate a new direction for the band. Beacon is much more cohesive than it’s predecessor. It brings more than just eleven new songs for the band to play live. It brings a solidification of a specific sound for the band to call their own.

I find small moments from various songs keep drawing me back for repeat listens. The haunting vocal chorus in “The World is Watching”. The choir ending to “Sleep Alone”. The minute long Arctic Monkeys-esque jam at the end of “Someday”. The horns in “Sun” that lead into the bridge. One word: Addicting.

As you make your way through the album, these moments are found interwoven throughout forty minutes of electro-pop that is truly a joy to experience. Working long hours over the past few weeks, I began to listen to Beacon on my commute home. As I make my way through DC, and out of the city on the bus, I find myself waiting in anticipation for these small moments to jump out of each song. As I leave the bus and walk the few blocks to my apartment, Alex Trimble sings the following lines as I walk in the door to my building:

Take the deep end and swim ’til you can stand

Cause it will make a difference in the end

Trip the shutter and keep the picture close

Save it until you need it the most

I’m coming home

It’s truly a feeling I can relate to at just that moment. The album ends and I enter my apartment to relax for the evening.

Beacon is available today and Two Door Cinema Club is on tour this fall in the United States. Take a listen to my favorite song off the album – “Sun”.