The Sheepdogs – "I Need Help"

Rush, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young…The Sheepdogs. Some of the most legendary music acts of the last fifty years originated in Canada, and The Sheepdogs are here now to ensure the continuation of this wandering North American musical tradition. Who doesn’t get a chill at the electrifying opening of Rush’s “Tom Sawyer”? Are any lyrics sweeter than those of Young’s “Harvest Moon”? Furthermore, can your foot resist tapping along to the rolling rhythm of “I Need Help” by The Sheepdogs? I think not.

The Sheepdogs are still riding the shock wave they caught after claiming victory in Rolling Stone’s 2011 Choose the Cover contest. Years of small gigs and exhaustive travel have now been traded for lineup slots at large-scale music festivals like Coachella and Lollapalooza; The Sheepdogs are also now signed to Atlantic Records and working alongside other major recording artists. “I Need Help” is one of fourteen tracks on The Sheepdogs’ new self-titled album, released September 4. Though the band hails from the large Saskatchewan city Saskatoon, their music is reminiscent of prominent Southern rock groups that endured extensive fame and fortune in the 1970s, including Creedence Clearwater Revival and The Allman Brothers Band, the latter a noted favorite of The Sheepdogs. Yet the group’s influences are not limited to ‘70s rock. Songs like “Feeling Good” contain at times an eerie sonic resemblance to the Black Keys, an understandable (and exciting) result of Black Key Patrick Carney’s role as album producer.

Enjoy “I Need Help” below, and check out the band’s website to stream the entire album.

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