Torches – “I Want Something”

Today’s song of choice hails from Torches, a Los Angeles-based band that deals in altruistic melodies and catchy refrains. With a ringing opening riff that echoes on to the end, “I Want Something” is sweet and soothing the whole way through, the kind of fun summer song that is likely to spark memories of driving by the beach with the top down and the sun shining infinitely against a cloudless blue sky.

Torches propels forward off the efforts of band mates and friends Azad Cheikosman, Bridgette Moody, and Eric Fabbro. The trio released their debut album Heads Full of Rust earlier this year and have since released two additional singles in rapid succession, both of which mark the next phase in Torches’ developing legacy.

“I Want Something” is available as a free download both on Soundcloud and on the band’s official website.

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