Oscar Peterson – "Mumbles"

Happy Friday, everyone!

To welcome the weekend today, I’ve got a little ditty by Oscar Peterson. Oscar Peterson was one of the most important pianists of the 20th Century. Coming out of the school of the great stride pianists like James P. Johnson and Art Tatum, Peterson was as comfortable playing boogie-woogie and stride styles as he was with bebop and post bop. He was a true master of his instrument. Peterson was also a wonderful singer, but he made a promise to Nat “King” Cole to focus on piano because they’re voices were so similarly. In return, Cole stayed away from any extensive bebop or post bop piano playing.

However, the piece below features a rare instance of Peterson’s vocals on record. It’s sort of in the scat style but mainly consists of Peterson’s incoherent mumbles. He plays a nice bluesy piano, but this piece in no way shows what Peterson is capable of at the keyboard. It’s just a fun little song to start your weekend, and the album it comes from (The Oscar Peterson Trio + One featuring Clark Terry) is superb. Enjoy!

Oscar Peterson – Mumbles