Cruiser – Cruiser EP


In separate occasions this week, I was told that I was intense and that I was carefree by the same person. There’s no contradiction in that, because it’s pretty true. For those that don’t know me, I tend to let most things roll off my shoulders, but for reasons unknown, I will occasionally focus on something intensely, even if it’s something I would normally let go. It’s a weird dichotomy that nicely summarizes someone who wants to stay and who wants to go.

This dichotomy spills over to my listening habits–I spend a decent amount of time nodding along to lyrically-rich, depressing songs and then I spend other times nodding along to happy, carefree songs. The former tends to be old favorites that I fall back on and the latter tends to be newer stuff that is sent in or I discover.

Fortunately, I’ve got some new happy stuff that I want to share with you: Cruiser and Cruiser’s self-titled EP.

Cruiser is the unsigned solo project of Andy States, hailing from the great state of Pennsylvania. The EP is the last set of summer songs that I will probably feature this year and there’s no denying they’re summer songs. There’s a bit of beach rock in their sound and they have an infectiousness about them, two summer song traits in my opinion. My personal favorite of the EP is the opener, The Fritz, but you should also check out other highlights like Don’t Go Alone and To California. And with that sentence, I just named half of the EP… and the other half is good, too (and that’s why I’m featuring the whole EP instead of just The Fritz).

The EP started to come together in State’s Philly loft and eventually came to the attention of Jeremy Park, who produced Youth Lagoon’s The Year of Hibernation (you know, my favorite album of 2011). Park offered to produce Cruiser’s EP and now we have an EP to nod along to happily as if the summer of 2012 wasn’t going to end.

You can like Cruiser on Facebook. Enjoy.