Neonfaith – Tied Together

Do you ever have one of those moments when you’re surrounded by what in your mind is killer scenery? It may be the ocean, a lake, the desert, the mountains, or even just a front porch on a rainy afternoon. While you sit their pondering about life’s little magic, or just how you’re going to get through the rest of your week, is there a soundtrack in mind? Or even just good background music?

Last weekend I went home to sweet Charlotte, North Carolina. It was an amazing weekend, as most agenda-less trips are for those of us that don’t live near the place we so lovingly call “home.” There I was, hanging around the lake with my little sister and two awesome little cousins, one of whom was convinced I was his biological sister until the age of six. That peaceful moment that comes after kayaking and swimming for four hours dawned upon us. The sun was shining but the temperature was starting to cool down; we were sitting there with our feet dangling off a half-built dock and these three munchkins were trying to convince me to move back home. This moment was blissful (minus the “please move home, Meera” guilt-trip). One song came to mind: Neonfaith’s Tied Together.

Neonfaith is an indie electronic three-piece suit fromJamaica,Queensin NYC. The song is quasi-simplistic in nature but through various points in the track, you get some complexity. It’s perfect for one of those pondering afternoons. Neonfaith has a 6-track EP coming out soon but no specific date is set for the release as of yet.