Skeletons on Holiday – Sink or Swim

Union Jack dresses. The Rolling Stones. James Bond. Pink Floyd.

London in the 1960’s had to be one of the coolest places in human history. Maybe I’ve seen too many movies (Michaelangelo Antonioni’s “Blow-Up” from 1966 comes to mind), but everything about the era just seems groovy. Skeletons on Holiday, a London-based indie/pop quintet, sound like they just stepped out of a phone booth time machine, poised to bring that specific brand of cool back.

“Sink or Swim”, the band’s latest single, starts off with a rolling bassline which could easily be cousins with Lucifer Sam or Paperback Writer. Feedback-laden guitars come crashing in, but disappear right before Jessica Preston’s lead vocals emerge. Her voice soars above the mix, alternating between bold confidence and delicate dreaminess. Tell me you can’t imagine somersaulting in a tux while pulling out a silenced gun to this song.

Check out Skeletons on Parade over at Facebook and Bandcamp, where you can nab the latest single at your own price. Union Jack dress not included 🙁


Sink Or Swim by Skeletons On Holiday