Mega Gem – Don't Call Me Romantic

Denver is a small town disguised as a big city. Let me tell you a story that illustrates this.

I recently moved and the first or second Sunday in the new place, a band woke me up with what I thought was their practice. It was the same song a couple times outside of my window, from a block or maybe three away. It was awesome, the horns stood out and I remember that section in my mind, but I doubted I would ever find out the name of the band or the song. It was that one Sunday and that’s all I had of this band.

Flash forward to today and I was checking recent new followers on 1146 miles’s Twitter. One of them was a local Denver label, Wild Baby Records. I try to support local music as much I can so I went to their site and checked out their artists. It turned out that there were two bands–Summer Salt and Mega Gem, I followed links to each’s Bandcamp pages.

Don’t Call Me Romantic greeted me at Mega Gem’s page. I was almost immediately taken back to that Sunday a couple weeks ago. The song I thought I would never know was playing right here. I now knew the band and the song. It was the best of those ‘Holy Cow!’ moments.

It turns out that Mega Gem is releasing a new album, Colors of the West, on Friday, October 19th with a release party at the Denver Arts Society that night. Be on the lookout and enjoy Don’t Call Me Romantic.