Tegan and Sara’s Closer + Meera Needs Yours Help = Happy Monday?

I’ve loved Tegan and Sara since I was 19 years old and heard their song Nineteen. It’s a great song and I think I listened to it every day during that cold and harsh winter at Penn State.

Since the release of their album The Con, I’ve always been excited to find that I enjoy everything Tegan and Sara release. Their new track, Closer, is no different. Lyrically, it’s a bit of a change for the Canadian twin sisters, but in the form of a well thought out surprise. Musically, it’s a pump me up if I’ve ever heard one.

Closer has been out for a few months now and can be purchased on iTunes. Their new album will be out January 29, 2013 – and I am super stoked!

Now here is where I need your help! I’m heading to India next week (stoked for that too) but the plane ride is a crazy long one. If you’ve got any suggestions at all for albums I should listen to during those 20 hours of flying each way, please please please tweet them my way (@meerafosho). Thank you, thank you, thank you in advance!