Favorite EPs of 2012

Favorite EPs of 2012

It’s my opinion that 2012 wasn’t quite as strong as 2011 as far as EPs are concerned. Perhaps it’s just listening bias that is limiting my selection this year but I don’t feel like I did last year when I noted I was more in love with my favorite EPs of the year than my favorite albums.

Without further ado, here are my favorite EPs of 2012.

Cruiser – Cruiser EP

Don’t Go Alone is my song choice to highlight Philly’s Cruiser. You can listen to the whole EP here.

Eagle and the Worm – Strangelove EP

My selection for Eagle and the Worm is Darling Let Me In. You can listen to the Australians’ entire EP here.

Imagine Dragons – Continued Silence EP

They’ve broken out into the mainstream of alternative rock radio with their major label support (I’m not sure that sentence would make sense to a time traveler from the early 90’s or if it even makes sense today). You can listen to It’s Time here and go to Soundcloud to listen to a sampling of the entire EP.

Ocean City Defender – The Golden Hour EP

Below is the title track of the EP and you can listen to the EP here.

St. Lucia – St. Lucia EP

I may favor this EP over all others in 2012. Listen to Closer Than This here. Then give the whole EP a listen.

The Royal Concept – The Royal Concept EP

The Royal Concept are a little Phoenix, a little Strokes, a little Ou Est Le Swimming Pool. The Swedish pop rockers set themselves up for a big 2013 with their debut. Below is Gimme Twice and here’s the entire EP.