W.C. Lindsay – Into The Night

Heading into the night, I want to introduce the electropop track Into The Night by W.C. Lindsay. It’s addictive. Like really addictive.

The song itself is 4 minutes long, and I’ve passed my day in 4 minute segments. Suffice to say, I’ve played it a couple dozen times at this point. I can also confirm that it is an awesome song to drive to. It’s really got an anthemic quality to it, which makes it an easy listen on repeat in your headphones or in your car.

W.C. Lindsay is an eponymous Philly-based act that is fronted by William C. Lindsay. He is joined by John T. Sepa and George J. Legatos to complete the lineup. Go like them on Facebook and enjoy Into The Night.

Finally, you can currently download Into The Night for free at Bandcamp.