Gers Pardoel – Bagagedrager (Ft. Sef)

Where I work, we get interns from Holland who live and work in America for a five to six month time span. During that time, I have undoubtedly had these interns listen to music that they’ve never listened to before, music that is featured on 1146 Miles and some that is not.

Yesterday was my sixth intern’s last day of working with me. Of all the times I could have listened to Dutch music, I never did until this chick showed up. I asked her to just play me something, anything, and she introduced me to the musical stylings of Gers Pardoel. This track, Bagagedrager (featuring Sef), is entirely in Dutch with a few words in English (i.e. sexy and Bacardi). Despite the fact that I don’t understand a single thing that is being said in this song, I couldn’t help myself but share this song.

It’s a catchy and upbeat Dutch hip hop track that will have you listening to it on repeat, even if you don’t understand Dutch (much like myself). Take a listen, I hope you like it.