James Blake – Retrograde

What perfect timing it is for a sexy, soulful love song to arrive in the month of passion. The voice of James Blake, in his newest release, “Retrograde”, has such a beautiful tone that it conjures up longing and emotion which makes my heart race. The song opens with a soft piano and a simple clapping on a steady rhythmic beat, as he hums in lovely vocal ranges. “Retrograde” slowly builds musically with poignant lyrics about a girl tentatively moving toward adulthood, and he seems to be reminding her of his undying and persuasive presence.

“I’ll wait, so show me why you’re strong, ignore everybody else, we’re alone now”

At this point, there is a wild burst of electronics with great texture, and it perfectly coincides with his glorious vocal rounds. Just as this blast of sounds is unleashed, it gradually returns to the original humming and beat. When it ends, I find myself, reminded of love, wanting to listen again and again.

This tune will be available on iTunes on Feb. 11th and James Blake’s second full-length album Overgrown will be available on April 8th. Check out his website and his American tour dates.