Wieuca – "Low Probability"

My heart was moved watching a documentary film at The Atlanta Film Festival, “Good Ol’ Freda.” Freda Kelly was an early Beatle fan, their fan club creator, and finally a loyal employee and friend. She saw them through their humble beginnings and then their rocket launch to popularity. She devoted every hour to her job and knew each Beatle personally. The film is compelling because she never gave away any of their secrets for 50 years. Her anecdotes and many of her photos have only just been unleashed with this film. Devotion is a powerful love.

This film set my wheels of thought in motion. There are so many musicians out there playing their music, night after night. Sometimes they find an appreciative audience that listens, claps, and sings along, but sometimes the loud audience talks and seems oblivious of the hours of practice and the vulnerable creativity that is spilling through the speakers. What is it that sends a band’s music to the appreciative masses? Perhaps all they need is creative talent, a strong work ethic, and a few devoted listeners like Freda.

That is where this music comes into play. The band, Wieuca, is young, talented, and obviously having buckets of fun along the way. Will Ingram, Robert Smith, and Harris Vukotic are playing in Athens, GA. Wieuca has original songs, just played a show in Texas, and an unpolished but amusing new music video for the song, Low Probability. The song harbors that low-fi sound and the youthful lyrics of unrequited love.

“I feel like I’m rooting in the ground, and you’re walking away from me.”

The vocals are nicely raw and woeful. Low Probability has guitars that riff pleasingly and are occasionally speckled with a buzz that is a little coarse and garage rock inspired. Perhaps they will grow and develop to blaze a trail, or maybe they will just play for fun in a college town. All I know is that I give them props. Watch, listen, enjoy their sound, and maybe like their Facebook page. Perhaps, you will feel inspired to find a local band near you that you can appreciate and share a little love, like Freda.