Bad Suns – “Cardiac Arrest”

My first listen to LA’s Bad Suns’ new single “Cardiac Arrest” immediately had me thinking this has “hit” written all over it. The powerful and crystal clear vocals of Chris Bowman push through the breezy riffs laid down by his fellow late teen band members, all leading up to an inescapable hook. This is certainly very radio-friendly and makes us yearn for the yesteryear of alt-rock, giving us a sense of youthful nostalgia that is missing in so many serious attempts at music nowadays. Almost like a modern version of Phantom Planet, which is something we actually really do need in this world. This will be a mainstay on Alt Nation within a month. Just wait.

Sometimes, you listen to a song and immediately know that the band responsible for its creation has something special. Even if it’s not immediately clear what it is exactly that grabs your attention, it’s there, just waiting to be discovered. “Cardiac Arrest” by Bad Suns is one such song that demands a bit of investigation. Released late last month, “Cardiac Arrest” is the fledging quartet’s first single, and though the lyrical themes are a bit cliché (boy sees girl, cue the heart trouble), the song’s catchy melody succeeds in sticking in listeners’ heads. What’s more, the band’s careful blend of indie-rock mixed with just a bit of pop means that they have more than a few doors open to them: Bad Suns can pick which genre to delve further into at this point, and they’ve got a notable first single already on the books to get them started.

Based in Los Angeles, Bad Suns have already received nods from the city’s KROQ 106.7 for an early demo sent in to the station’s “Locals Only” program shortly after the band formed last year. Though “Cardiac Arrest” has only been out for a month, it has already topped KROQ’s Top 5 shortlist for the same program. If you like what you hear, you can catch Bad Suns at the Bootleg Bar in L.A. on April 3.