The Colourist – Little Games (St. Lucia Remix)

This is absurdly good, in my opinion.

An up-and-coming artist that released one of my favorite EPs of last year (St. Lucia) remixing one of 2013’s most pleasant surprise hits (The Colourist’s Little Games) sure seems like a recipe for something good. I’m not always a fan of remixes but man, I don’t know how you can’t like this. It’s catchy and irresistible–you could dance to it, you could drive to it, you could have fun to it–while keeping the major aspects of the song intact.

In fact, most of the re-working is on the low end and it is something to swoon over (just make sure that you are listening through a quality system and then turn it up to 11). Well done, St. Lucia.

If you’re interested in The Colourist, you can check out their Soundcloud. Enjoy.