Escondido – "Cold October"

Lord Huron’s Lonesome Dreams was my favorite album of last year. They’ve toured on it and it’s well worth seeing them live on the strength of that debut. One of the bands that supported them on tour was Escondido. I unfortunately did not go to a show that saw Escondido open, but I’ve been aware of the Nashville band because of their Lord Huron association.

Escondido recently released the music video for their single, Cold October, so it seems like a pretty good time to share them (they’re also playing Denver in July so I won’t miss them this time). You can watch it above. Plotted out in comparison to Lord Huron, Escondido plays a more country version of folk–a Mulholland Drive version of country, if you will. The influences of folk and Nashville are there but they seem to pull influences from the 70’s like The Eagles and Jackson Browne just as easily. Listen to their debut album, Ghosts of Escondido, when you have a chance.

Below is Cold October (and Special Enough because darn if I don’t love that song). Here’s their Facebook page. Enjoy.