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The Penguins – "Earth Angel"

I find it hard to believe that 3 months have passed since my vacation to Iceland; I enjoy the memories from the trip on a daily basis. One of my favorite moments was the last meal of the trip, at a restaurant right in the center of Reykjavik. I can’t remember the name of the place (and probably couldn’t pronounce it while I was there), nor do I remember what I had to eat. But I do remember 1) falling madly in love with the waitress and 2) the stereo drifting a lovely doo-wop playlist throughout the room. I don’t think the two were mutually exclusive.

Ever since that trip, I’ve been obsessed with rock and roll’s predecessor genre. I bought a compilation album, Great Doo-Wop Classics, and have been belting out the tunes in my apartment and car ever since. My current favorite from the batch is The Penguins’ “Earth Angel”. A staple of the genre, you’ve likely heard it in one form or another. Green Day even covers it in concert occasionally.

“Earth Angel” features a chord progression familiar to anyone alive in the past 60 years. There’s just something about the song’s dusty piano track, pleading vocals, and heart-yanking harmonies that defies explanation. *cue deep late-night radio voice* Maybe it’ll bring back memories of a junior high dance, a mid-20’s fling, or (if you’re lucky) that special someone sitting right next to you. *end radio voice*

Ok, back to translating “I’ll have the salmon, and will you marry me?” into Icelandic.

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