- 1146 miles


My interest in writing about music has been re-invigorated recently by a number of things. I think part of the reason is that I haven’t been going to as many concerts and thus I’m not suffering music fatigue. I think that another part is that the music I’ve been exposed to this year has been pretty good and has kept my interest. One last thing that I’m going to attribute to having a positive effect is that I’m having a good deal of enjoyment in sharing offline. So with all those factors and other reasons, I sat down and thought about creating a new mix to share.

Oz is the mix that I created. It’s not necessarily reflecting the happy state that has re-invigorated me but it is definitely including the good of the new (and some older) songs. I hope that it exposes you to some songs that you have not heard before and that you like it. If you do, feel free to share it.


Tyler Lyle – Medusa
Nathaniel Rateliff – Shroud
Fort Frances – City By The Sea
Strahan – I Had A Dream
Buffalo Tales – Blood and Bone
House of Wolves – 50’s
Kalispell – Marion, MT
R. Malcolm Cumming – I’m On Your Side

The Road Goes Somewhere

I haven’t made a mix in a while and I wanted to.

Thus, I’ve made a mix. It’s about 37 minutes long, or enough time for me to drive up into the mountains, which is way I’ve made it for. And also you.

  1. The Gaslight Anthem – Great Expectations (Acoustic)
  2. The Head and the Heart – No One To Let You Down
  3. Cory Morrow – Beat of Your Heart
  4. JBM – Keeping Up
  5. Cold Specks – Blank Maps
  6. The Lumineers – Don’t Wanna Go
  7. Paleo – Three Stops to The Big Dream I Dream
  8. Fort Frances – The Trouble
  9. The Great American Canyon Band – Young Lady

You can download it here. Hope you enjoy.

We Were Once Kings

We Were Once Kings from 1146miles.


Sharon van Etten – Serpents
Lucy Rose – Red Face
Gem Club – Breakers
The Lumineers – Flapper Girl
Shearwater – You As You Were
Frightened Rabbit – Backwards Walk
Of Monsters and Men – King and Lionheart
Fun. – Out on the Town