Submitting Music

If you are submitting music, we are moving to a more streamlined process in order to make our best effort to listen to everything that is sent in. Please send all music submissions to

In your email subject, please try to include the genre (like folk, pop, rock; not like gumbo funk, stonerwave, horrorcore), artist name, and the track/album name. Direct links or links to streaming services (like Soundcloud or Bandcamp) are best. Attachments are alright. Myspace is the worst. It’s your call what goes in the body but somewhere between sentence and novella is normally best.


For general inquiries (including advertising, writing for the blog, etc.) you can email me directly at

Alternatively, you can get in contact on Twitter @1146miles, or you can write on the Facebook wall. Please note that I’m pretty slow responding to emails if I respond at all–it’s one of my many flaws.