Roadside Graves – Double Feature

Fair or not, every band that comes out Jersey will be compared to the Boss or particularly, his hard-working ways. Doesn’t matter if you are rock and rollers like Roadside Graves or in a whole different genre. When others attribute hard-working ways to your band in the shadow of Springsteen, it’s the compliment of the highest order. This Jersey band has been so ordained by Stereogum and Paste among others.

Roadside Graves are made up of Rich Zilg, Jeremy Benson, Mike DeBlasio, Dave Jones, John Gleason, Colin Ryan, and Johnny Piatkowski from the small town of Metuchen, NJ. They are seven friends that grew up together and “watched their friends and families rise and fall.”

Double Feature is just one of those songs. It’s awesome but a bit of conundrum to describe. It builds ever so slightly. The lyrics are worthy of a storyteller but lacks a definitive, memorable line. After listening once, you want to listen to it again. It is the second track off of We Can Take Care of Ourselves, which came out July 19, 2011 via Autumn Tone Records. The album was inspired by S.E. Hinton’s The Outsiders. I’ve only heard two songs off of it but it feels like I’m listening to the two songs of a gem.

Here is their Facebook. Enjoy!

Roadside Graves – Double Feature

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