The Last Royals – Crystal Vase

This is one of those songs that grabs you right away, not just because it’s catchy but because it is really unique.  Layered like an acoustic indie rock song, it’s also calculated to feel a little sterile (and creepy) as it offers a bizarre narrative of an urban divorcee in pursuit of his maid:

The maid has been my only friend / she’s always there to apprehend / the dust and grime that settles in around the crystal vase

The crystal vase, a wedding gift / that through the years has made the shift / what once held flowers now holds ash / from my two packs a day

The story goes on like this, but one of my favorite things is how they use the last phrase from the previous verse to start the next line (in this case “the crystal vase”). There is probably a literary term for this, though I can’t seem to find it. In a way it reflects the wandering, circular thoughts of the song’s narrator.  The groaning backup vocals add another layer to the already complex character.  It seems to blur the lines between song, a short story, and urban folk tale.

The Last Royals are a songwriting/production duo based in New York, and you can check them out on Reverbnation.

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