Aaron Thompson – Bethany Lane

I managed to get out Saturday night to see a stellar DMV local, songwriter Aaron Thompson.  He has a self-titled album that you can listen to in its entirety online, and I’d like to share my favorite track– Bethany Lane.

When I heard first heard the track online, I was trying to figure out exactly what effect he had on the vocals, but it turns out his voice is actually that ethereal.  And it’s matched with all the darkly gorgeous sounds an acoustic guitar can make.  The guitar work is really impressive.  It pulses with the subtle melody of a Jose Gonzalez track, but retains an earthy feel reminiscent of Rocky Votolato.

The DCist pointed to his visual arts background to explain his ability to evoke vivid imagery in his songs, and I’d have to agree.  His sound and his lyrics don’t so much tell a story as they seem to be actively painting a picture–curl up by a window on a cold night, and watch the wind sweep the snow back up in the air.  Then watch this song.  I mean, listen.


Aaron Thompson – Bethany Lane

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