Javier Colon – Fix You

Javier Colon

NBC is running an alternative singing competition to American Idol called The Voice. I haven’t watched it but I might have to after encountering this Coldplay cover by Javier Colon, one of the contestants.

To tell you honestly, Javier Colon took Coldplay’s Fix You, a song I didn’t like and made me love his version. It is so far and away superior to Coldplay’s version, it amazes me. The man has a voice that is so pure and beautiful. I don’t care that I’m promoting a cover of Coldplay that was featured on mainstream TV, its quality trumps any credibility issues (indie or otherwise) that posting it may cause. I enjoy it immensely and that’s why I’m featuring it.

I’ve included the full version of the song as it’s clipped on television for time purposes. Enjoy.

Javier Colon – Fix You

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