Lowlakes – Song For Motion

I’m guilty as anyone of reading a book by its cover when it comes to music. Not that I literally am judging music by cover art or media imagery (although well put-together media kits are so vastly underrated to me), but when I’m reading descriptions and genres, I preconceive notions of what a song will sound like. If I didn’t give songs a chance, I don’t think I would find half the stuff I like.

In this case, Lowlakes was described as ambient indie. Or as I often misread it, Ambien indie, which is not that inappropriate for how frequently it is sleep-inducing for me. Normally, songs that are referred to as ambient indie are instrumental and don’t go anywhere–not my favorite two characteristics of songs.

Nevertheless, I gave Song For Motion a chance and it strikes the perfect balance between airy chill ambiance and a song building upon itself throughout. And thus, it was a pleasant surprise.

Lowlakes is from Melbourne. Their Lowlakes EP will be out March 17th. Check out Song For Motion, one of the EP’s four tracks and enjoy.

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