The Soft Collapse – Black on Black on Black on Black

The Soft Collapse

Ryan Montgomery is joined by Dave Teufel on the debut effort of The Soft Collapse, Little Songs. According to Ryan, they have recently added Rob Galgano and Jane Cramer to the lineup. Ryan, Dave, and Rob were members of the now-defunct band, Heroes In The Seaweed. The four are based in Brooklyn and working towards a second album.

I was recently talking about how I love John O’Regan (Diamond Rings) because he sounds like Matt Berninger of The National. Well, so does Ryan Montgomery. And much like Matt Berninger, his voice has an oddly calming effect amidst the chaos around us. The songs are stripped down, leaving the essence of sincerity. I liked it because it was perfect to have a moment of pondering.

I’ve attached Black on Black on Black on Black, which is off of Little Songs. You can stream it at Soundcloud or buy for any price at Bandcamp. You can like them on Facebook. Enjoy!

The Soft Collapse – Black on Black on Black on Black

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