Sarah Jaffe – The Way Sound Leaves A Room

There seems to be a somber mood around this blog today. Life is busy and occasionally exhausting, and the news is forever disheartening. It doesn’t help that it feels like 10 p.m. when it’s only six. On days like today, I just want to unplug the computer and forget about the Internet, quite honestly. Hang out in my sweatpants, maybe, and read a book. I even did a Sudoku puzzle a couple hours ago. On a Wednesday evening. At the “medium” level. This is abnormal behavior for me, in case you’re wondering.

I’d like to dedicate Sarah Jaffe’s “The Way Sound Leaves A Room” to my fellow 1146 Miles bloggers, because I’m feeling kind of blah myself. Though the song conveys a tinge of sadness, I think it has a certain optimism to it, too.

Until next week…

Cloud Nothings – No Future / No Past

Cloud Nothings - Attack On Memory

I know it’s only been two days (three by the time you read this), but this week has been pretty terrible. I can either moan/whine/complain to you about it, OR we can get angsty and listen to Cloud Nothings, since it so obviously speaks to our inner pain.

If you’re familiar with Cloud Nothings, you might be a little confused. Their brand of warm, fuzzy, jangly lo – fi isn’t exactly what you’d call “anger music”. It’s more suited for afternoons in the sunshine, as opposed to days drenched in darkeness. Or at least it used to be!

Frontman Dylan Baldi and Co. have seemingly moved on to bigger, better (and grungier) things. New single “No Future / No Past” is a pretty far departure from their earlier work. It’s a spare, slow burner of a song – its empty, dragging start and crashing finish take full advantage of the signature loud/soft dynamic of the ’90s.

But the track is so effective because it relys almost exclusively on Baldi’s vocal delivery. Where he was once vulnerable and child – like, Baldi is now raw and gutteral. As he progresses from wailing to howling, you will find yourself transfixed.

I’m curious to see what Cloud Nothings will offer in the future. I really did enjoy their poppier stylings, and it’s a little sad to think there’ll be no more new material of that nature. But if this is what we have to look forward to from now on, I think I’ll live.

Attack on Memory is out 1/24 via Carpark.

I’m a Little Tired Today

I went into a music frenzy on Saturday. I bought a few awesome albums. It’s like being a little kid at Christmas/Diwali/Kwanza/Hanukkah (insert your holiday here) and receiving a lot of killer new toys and you just can’t decide what to play with first. That was me on Saturday. I finally made up my mind and it was set on Yellow Ostrich’s album Wild Comfort (released in January, 2010). Sure, I’ve written about their appearance on the Big Ugly Yellow Couch before (which is still among my favorites from those), I just can’t help to write about them again.

Their track “Little Tired” is just so fitting for today because truth is, I’m a little tired today. I can’t write anymore, I apologize. Though, I do leave you with the musical stylings of Yellow Ostrich.

Blondefire – Where The Kids Are

I have new music from Blondfire that I want to feature as well as their new music video (the music video is obviously above). Blondefire is a LA-based brother/sister duo of Bruce and Erica Driscoll. I will try to keep this post under 1000 words.

The siblings play a brand of electro-pop that is, well, awesome. With their newest single, Where The Kids Are, there’s a slight atmospheric sound coupled with Erica’s breathy vocals to create something all the indie kids can dance to. I’m also pretty sure that non-hipsters like my friend Meera will be dancing along though, too.

You can like them on Facebook. You might have heard some of the previous songs in films. I’m pretty sure it probably won’t be the last time.

Their upcoming album, Win The Game, was self-produced. For now, you can purchase the single from iTunes below. Hope you enjoy!