What We Do In The Darkness


A supremely catchy new song from Arkells.

Come To Light seems to be short; it plays so quickly that I’m left to play it again because I just want to hear it again. It still sounds good on the ninth listen as it did on the first or third.

The Arkells fill nicely into the 21st century void of alternative pop bands. The fractured music consumption environment just doesn’t seem to be favoring the genre right now and instead the race to the bottom of some of today’s EDM (which was rather brilliantly skewered by SNL’s Daavinci digital short). Regardless, there’s a bunch of awesome music being produced if you like the genre. Just take a listen of the new Arkells material for an example.

Their Record Store Day Motown split is also awesome if you haven’t heard it (I’m such a sucker for any cover of Get Ready).

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  Arkells - Come To Light by Arkells

You Can Go Your Own Way


Let me lead off with a very clear endorsement, Jacob Thomas Jr.’s Original Sin is one of 4 albums I’ve written down as a favorite of 2014 so far. Off of it, I will share the cover of Fleetwood Mac that features Lily Costner. It is an exceptional rendition that captures the album and removes itself from being talked about like it’s just another cover. It’s not re-imaging the song, but instead removes all the varnishes to reveal the true bitter nature of the original.

With that laid out, pour yourself a glass of whiskey on the rocks and let the ice cubes melt as you let this song repeat. It’s the only way to consume and match what’s going on. It’s there, stripped down to its essence, left to be consumed alone after you have given more time and thoughts to someone that’s not there with you or the whiskey or your thoughts.

It’s a fitting cover for an album that raw and genuine. Original Sin will be out June 17th. I highly recommend it; enjoy Go Your Own Way.

  Go Your Own Way by Jacob Thomas Jr.

Brave New World

Not even three minutes long, Queen Jane by Lenina Crowe is really just one moment played out sweetly, gently.

The indie rock/folk band plays around my old college town, State College, and it was their involvement in the college’s spring music event that initially revealed them to me. They are playing that event today (Movin’ On) before some national acts and it’s well deserved after listening to some of their material on Bandcamp. I wish that I had known of them sooner.

You can learn more about the band on Facebook.

Listen to Queen Jane below and listen to Referee as well. Enjoy.

Jhameel – Lion's Den

I’ll start this off by admitting that I don’t watch Game of Thrones. I heard it was back on the air with new episodes thanks to my friends updating me via Twitter and Facebook. I will admit, though, I’m a sucker for basically anything Jhameel produces/sings, and this track is no different. Lion’s Den is the title track off Jhameel’s upcoming album. The video was inspired by Jhameel’s obsession for Game of Thrones. The track itself is smooth, catchy, and so very addictive. Personally, I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album based on how great this track is.

The new album will be released in about three weeks! Stay tuned for more info.