Carried In The Wind


It’s easy to float through life and not be tethered to any place or person I think. It’s in those instances that you are like a balloon going to places far flung and distant, that you look at the ideas and dreams, and that you are not settling. It’s a beautiful, wonderful sentiment that is more a escape than a reflection of anything because a balloon can go anywhere and it’s path is not decided on its own. I guess what I’m saying is that some days it’s nice to be carried in the wind and this song captures that sentiment.

  Carried In The Wind by Sean O'Neill music

We Were Both Beginners and We Still Are


So much time has passed since last summer…

Two songs from Second Child that are exciting discoveries for me. This NYC band formed after a prior band iteration.

Second Child is Alex DeSimine and Alex Tremitiere. Enjoy the songs below.

  Beginners by SecondChild
  Last Week by SecondChild

Won’t You Get Out While You Can?

I’ve spent some time trying to figure out and hopefully resolve the slow response times that have been plaguing the site for the past month or so. Appears to have been a couple of different server and database things that were compounding each other. One of the albums that I was listening to while I worked on it was Vance Joy’s. He might have put out the album that is the easiest to listen to this year.

Dream Your Life Away doesn’t stray very far from its median. And it doesn’t have to. Riptide has been one of the most inescapable indie hits this year and it serves as a template for many of the other songs stylistically on this album. The one song that stands apart to me is Red Eye with it flowing, yet distant, call and response of the last minute…can we talk in the morning…baby it’s late…tell me when, tell me when…baby it’s late…tell me when, tell me when.

Vance Joy is obviously a popular artist that can appeal to a broad audience and his album reinforces that. Enjoy Red Eye.

I'll Always Miss You In The Cold Night


Give me enough time alone and I will find and listen to a sad-sounding song. Here is one such song, Cold Night by Ryan Pryor.

The song is on collection of live cuts that was recently released and the set of demos is worth the time listening to them. There are some really good songs on it and Cold Night was one of the standouts.

Ryan Pryor is a singer-songwriter in southern California after leaving Texas. You can follow him on Facebook. Take a second and listen to him here with Cold Night.

  Cold Night (Songs Are Souvenirs) by Ryan Pryor Music