Do I Wanna Know

There’s this tune I found that makes me think of you somehow and I play it on repeat.

I’m still hung up on CHVRCHES’s cover of Do I Wanna Know to the point that I have listened to it 100+ times on Listenonrepeat. It is rather meta listening to a song on repeat that is talking about itself. The original is great in its own right (and you should buy it), but I prefer Lauren Mayberry’s delivery to Alex Turner’s. CHVRCHES is the next concert I plan on going to right now and I wish there was someway to guarantee that they played this cover.

It makes it hard to write or think about things when you’re hung up on something. When it’s a song, you’re not inspired to be on the lookout for other songs so I’ll apologize to those that have sent music over the past couple of weeks. Songs can be metaphors in that way, too.

Almost every facet of the song is true to me. I think of one girl but writing and sharing this song is probably the closest I’ll come to saying anything because ultimately I’m afraid I’m the only one who is interested. Moreover, I’m always afraid that I would just be an inconvenience. I’ll listen to a few more times and let it play out what I want to say.

Was sort of hoping that you’d stay…

Bad Suns Return with Debut EP

Early last year, we at 1146 Miles encountered an emerging alt-pop band from Los Angeles called Bad Suns. The quartet’s first single “Cardiac Arrest” (which we featured here) had a youthful spark that garnered not only our attention, but that of L.A.’s premier local station KROQ. Bad Suns’ initial triumph with “Cardiac Arrest” led to an opening slot on the West Coast tour of the 1975 last summer and a record deal with Vagrant; since then, they have kept busy with shows and recording sessions in preparation for the release of their debut EP. Not much time has passed, and it’s still early in the game for Bad Suns – yet so much has changed.

On January 21, Bad Suns’ efforts came to fruition with Transpose, their first major mark in the music world. Featuring three new tracks (“Transpose,” “Salt” and “20 Years”) alongside their popular single, Transpose indicates that the success of “Cardiac Arrest” was no fluke. Groomed in the alt-pop vein that made bands like the Vaccines and the 1975 popular among the listening world’s indie conclaves, “Salt” and “20 Years” epitomize the alluring guitar sweeps common in their genre while “Transpose” exposes the growing strength of singer Christo Bowman’s voice.

Bad Suns recently concluded a tour with Royal Bangs that took them to Chicago, New Orleans, Brooklyn and a handful of other U.S. cities through the month of January. Bowman, bassist Gavin Bennett, drummer Miles Morris and guitarist Ray Libby have an album in the works that is tentatively slated for a 2014 release; until then, their growing fan base will have to make do with the ear-catching tracks on Transpose.

For more information on the band and their touring plans, visit their website or check out the official Bad Suns Facebook page.

Everything To Everyone

This is the band that I spent the weekend obsessing over. They are a family transplanted from across the Pacific (Streets of Laredo are originally from New Zealand and are now based in Brooklyn). They’ve received some coverage and I heard Girlfriend a couple of months ago, but this song just struck a chord with me. It is the lead song of the first of two EPs.

That led me to listening both EPs. A lot.

I am finding it hard…

There is something to be said for struggling. I find myself staying quiet and inside, away from the world. It gives me the time and space to think about things. It helps ease my troubled mind.

I would like to be more carefree and honest, but I find myself dreaming and then calculating. My mind vandalizes my dreams. I want so desperately to say one thing…to do one meaningful thing, and I rationalize not doing because how it can affect everything for everyone. I want to be selfish for that one time and yet I concede my wish to try to be considerate of all others.

I don’t want to lose anyone and if it means not have anything more than that, I struggle with how this all works out.

Enjoy Everything To Everyone.

Through The Door I Saw You Smile

Too often we (the royal we might be most appropriate here) rush past something that we should appreciate without realizing it. With bands and music and writing about it, I can sometimes get swept up in the rush to find the next big thing or the next song to proclaim my love for.

As I’m not writing as much, I’ve taken a bit of a step back and realized that it’s silly to be looking for the next Magic Man when Magic Man hasn’t even broke through yet. In this case, they’re playing a nationwide tour as a support act, which is a lot bigger than when they were a duo releasing this song a couple of years ago, but they’re not a band that has conquered the landscape. Give it time and I’m confident they will.

Patience is a wonderful, terrible thing. It takes patience to watch trees grow tall, but it is patience that leaves a man awkwardly waiting for a longer time than necessary when a date doesn’t show up.

It is also what lets a relationship grow, evolve, and surprise you when your own feelings about a girl are different than they were, even a year ago. Time is an ingredient that goes without mention.

I guess I could have picked the Guns ‘N Roses song just as well, but somewhere in the trading off of “you were the only one to know” and “I was the only one to know” the truth about the monsters we live is freed, if only for brief seconds when we let each other in. I hope that you enjoy Monsters by Magic Man.