Wolf Collage – “Glow/Boston”

This is why I write about and share music. I am so excited to share my discovery of Wolf Collage.

If Wolf Collage isn’t the best new music that you’ve discovered this week, I will send you a 1146 miles shirt and it must be an amazing week for finding bands. It takes me back to the first time I heard the Lumineers or Fort Frances or Lord Huron or Youth Lagoon or PAPA–those bands and individuals that you hear and know they’ve got something special. I try to be careful when I lavish praise on new bands, but that special quality is in play here and I can’t help but get excited.

The two tracks featured here, Glow and Boston, were recently released ahead of a 2014 full-length. They are different styles but each are quietly-assured in approach, measured like a perfectly-tailored suit, fit for you and for I. Each is nothing short of great. With them, we have found an album to eagerly anticipate at the beginning of 2014.

Like Wolf Collage on Facebook. Enjoy the tracks below and play them on repeat like I’ve been doing.

Wooden Dinosaur – "Good Winter"

When you have more fingers on your hands than there are degrees outside, it’s probably winter. And it’s a good great thing.

People can get caught up in the freezing temperatures, but to me, the cold is refreshing. When the snow falls like it’s a snow globe, it’s wondrous. I’ve seen it countless times now, but it’s still beautiful.

I walked to lunch today and I saw a girl playing with her dog in a snow-covered field and they were both so happy. It made me smile (my smile was frozen on face until I got inside because of that joy and because it was so darn cold). I don’t understand why people complain about winter when the same circumstances can be bring happiness. Well, I do understand–there are complainers who just get caught up in some foible outside but can’t see fundamental flaws in their personality that prevent them from being as happy as that girl and her dog. It’s sad, but I won’t let them bring me down, it’s going to be a good winter.

I Might Not Still Have My Youth, But I’m Young

The Youth and Young has released my favorite EP of 2013. The Scottish 7-piece has, for some unknown reason, received very little fanfare in the US and I’ll do my small part in hopes that they get the recognition they deserve for it. It’s going to be difficult for them to escape the comparison to Frightened Rabbit because of the epic, anthemic tunes and the Scottish connection, but here they display a versatility that is surprising for a band just over a year old. Their self-titled effort features 6 tracks (including the eponymous lead track) that range from very good to holy wow.

I knew I was in love with the music three-quarters of the way through the third track, Blanket, as emotions disguised as instruments crashed through the lovely boy-girl duet. It might be the love song of the year. I go back and forth as to whether Blanket or The Colour Upstream is my favorite track as I listen. The refrain of The Colour Upstream has stuck with me ever since I first heard it in late October:

If we all raise up, take a stand for once in our lives, we can make a start, all the non-believers are left far behind.

Your mood can dictate how you interpret those lines. On one hand, there’s something beautifully optimistic about it; on another, it’s hopeless dreaming. It’s capturing the dichotomy of love (at least as I see it).

And that’s the song they leave you on. Make of it what you will, but above all, enjoy it as you do.

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My Father and I Almost Drove To The Moon

Over the course of 17 years, my father and I put 236,097 miles on a little old Civic. My dad put a lot of miles on commuting back and forth to work. I put most of my life’s miles on it.

I sold it last week.

It was a lot of miles and memories.

I’m just sitting here and I’m thinking about some of the trips. With or without selling it, I would be in a sentimental and nostalgic mood this week. Yet, I feel even more so now. I took so many drives in that car. They could be short like chauffeuring my grandma to library. They could be long…like chauffeuring my grandma to library. There were so many trips.

There have been countless times that I just went for a drive to clear my head or to run away for a weekend afternoon. The Civic was my only companion for a lot of them. She had to listen to my horrendous vocals singing along to some song on the radio. She took a little abuse over the course of the miles, but she kept going and never let me down. In fact, she never broke down, even if I did.

That Civic was my church when I came back to Denver two Januaries ago. I would go for a drive pretending I was still taking my grandma with me because I missed her so much. It was silly and foolish and my way of coping. Looking back, it’s easy for me to see that the Civic was more than a car to me. It was a part of me as a young man.

It seems crazy to have been attached to a collection of metal and rubber. And rationally, it is, but over time, you can become so attached that you don’t think of life without. I don’t hold onto the idea of youth because I want to stay young forever (I probably have more interests of a 60 year-old anyways), but it seems more and more, things are slipping away and then they are gone. I don’t know if it’s going to be anywhere as good. It might not be and that scares me.

I guess I should choose a song to attach to this post. I’m going to simply put up the song that I listened the most yesterday–the Band Perry’s “Don’t Let Me Be Lonely.” It sort of fits. If you don’t like mainstream country, I won’t be offended if you skip listening.

I should add that the moon is 238,900 miles away from Earth. It seems like it’s within a nice long drive tonight.