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This Frontier Needs Heroes – “Hooky”

Country music (mainstream or alternative) is a comfort zone for me. I find solace in it and when I fall into a country music listening binge, I tend to write less and especially about other types of music. I’m still listening to a lot of country music, but I want to share an alt-country song and video from Brooklyn that you may not have heard.

Hooky has a hazy atmospheric exterior to cover the emotional nature of the song. Just wait for the “five strings to jam” lyric and you’ll figure out why I love this song.

This Frontier Needs Heroes is the brother-sister duo of Brad and Jessica Lauretti from Brooklyn, NY. Here is their Facebook page. Their album of the same name will be out August 27, 2013. Enjoy Hooky here and check out George Clooney (the song) if you like.

Morninghorse – “Kentucky Lied”

I don’t hunt Bandcamp as frequently as I used to, but occasionally on a slow weekend, I find myself wanting to seek out music rather than sorting through submission emails. Last weekend was one of those slow weekends that I searched Bandcamp.

One of the finds was the debut EP of Morninghorse. Though they hail from Australia, their music could easily be classified as Americana. The first track that plays when you load on Bandcamp is Western Star and by the time the organ started I decided that I was going to listen to the EP a couple times through. I’ve chosen to highlight Kentucky Lied here (definitely check out Western Star though)

“I don’t feel I’m getting old, I just feel I’m getting tired.”

Kentucky Lied is a barstool hymn. The lyrics paint the picture of tears in your whiskey and the nice use of distant vocals are a nice audio cue to the distant, rambling ways that lead to such a hymn. Each of us has a little rambler inside and we’re reminded of that as the song and EP plays out.

Morninghorse hails from Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. Here is their Facebook.

Deer Tick – Ashamed

I wanted to share both a great song and a great moment with 1146 readers.  This video is a few years old but my drummer showed it to me yesterday and now I can’t stop watching it.  About 1:25 into the song he realizes the whole room knows it and is singing along- and it almost literally knocks lead singer John McCauley back off his feet, like a strong gust of wind.  It’s the moment the song became bigger than himself.

Deer Tick is an alt country band from Providence, RI.  Their newest EP, Tim, is out this year on Partisan Records.

Bill Callahan – Drover

Bill Callahan

In the world of music where the more falsetto a guy’s voice gets, the more popular his music is, Bill Callahan is a deep breath of fresh, manly air. Actually, I don’t think manly air could ever also be fresh, but maybe a little musky–and that’s fine, too. What instantly caught my attention with Bill Callahan is his very non-falsetto voice, sort of reminiscent of Johnny Cash and other equally manly men. 

Overuse of the word “manly” aside, Callahan’s alt-country music and Western-inspired lyrics give a girl a hankerin’ to be on a horse (or at least in a van) somewhere in that really good, clean part of the country. Living a simple life. Bonding with nature. Being sung to. But then, he’s got some edgy stuff, too. Callahan’s latest release Apocalypse also features tongue-in-cheek songs like “America!” which I assume intends for the exclamation point to be sarcastic. Some inspiring lyrics: “America! America! // I watch David Letterman in Australia // Oh America!”

“Drover,” featured here, is one that I believe should be featured in a modern-day Western. I haven’t gotten tired of it yet, and I’ve been listening to it a lot the past couple of days. It’s probably the manliness.