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This Frontier Needs Heroes – "Hooky"

Country music (mainstream or alternative) is a comfort zone for me. I find solace in it and when I fall into a country music listening binge, I tend to write less and especially about other types of music. I’m still listening to a lot of country music, but I want to share an alt-country song and video from Brooklyn that you may not have heard.

Hooky has a hazy atmospheric exterior to cover the emotional nature of the song. Just wait for the “five strings to jam” lyric and you’ll figure out why I love this song.

This Frontier Needs Heroes is the brother-sister duo of Brad and Jessica Lauretti from Brooklyn, NY. Here is their Facebook page. Their album of the same name will be out August 27, 2013. Enjoy Hooky here and check out George Clooney (the song) if you like.