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Small Sur – “Rockaway”

Nobody says there’s something about a Saturday morning, but perhaps they (whoever they are) should.

I’ve featured Small Sur in the past and the project released their latest album, Labor, last week. It is a reminder that soft sounds that are thoughtful and serene can overpower a ton of overdubs and over-production. You can listen and buy the whole album over at Bandcamp.

The highlight for me is the LP’s shortest song, Rockaway. The turn of gracefully to gracelessly was understated but captures something worth sharing on this Saturday morning.

Small Sur is the primary musical alias of Baltimore via South Dakota songwriter Bob Keal and collaborators Austin Stahl and Andy Abelow. Here is their Facebook page.

Enjoy Rockaway.

The Great American Canyon Band – Young Lady

If I make a playlist anytime soon, I will be including this song (I’ve decided I’m making a playlist soon). The ethereal quality of Young Lady allows you to lose a little bit of yourself in the moment. Young Lady is just majestic and the time it plays (nearly seven minutes), you get this sense that there’s something magical happening. Their music surrounds you with its presence, like a warm blanket on a cold night, like your thoughts when you’re enchanted with a young lady.

This post is my second about The Great American Canyon Band. If you haven’t heard of The Great American Canyon Band, they are the husband and wife duo of Paul and Krystal Jean Masson. You should really be listening to them.

Here is their Facebook. Enjoy.

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The Great American Canyon Band – Tumbleweed

The Great American Canyon Band

The last song I posted was a folk song and this song is also a folk song. If you read just my words, you would think I’m on some sort of folk kick. But just take a listen and you’ll realize both awesome songs are worlds apart. Slow It Down by The Lumineers is rather rootsy. This song, Tumbleweed, by The Great American Canyon is atmospheric. The first is akin to Ryan Adams, the latter, and the one I’m featuring here, is more like Bon Iver.

Originally from Baltimore, The Great American Canyon Band is the husband and wife duo of Paul and Krystal Jean Masson. Like their name, their sonic presence is expansive. Now from Chicago, they only had access to some secondhand guitars and microphones. They made due with whiskey jugs, an old rocking chair, hand clapping, and feet stomping for their forthcoming debut album.

Tumbleweed is their first single and as a song about love and travel, it fits right at home here on 1146 miles.

Here is their Facebook. Enjoy.

The Bridge – Big Wheel

Happy in-between-the-holidays, everyone! I took an unintentional hiatus from 1146 Miles posts–partly due to Thanksgiving, but mostly due to laziness. It happens. But I wanted to take the time to introduce you to a band that, as of a week ago last night, no longer exists. You are welcome.

Meet The Bridge. Hailing from Baltimore, The Bridge was arguably one of the most popular bands in town, particularly in the jam scene. They had achieved pretty widespread success touring across the country, playing at popular music festivals like All Good, and filling local venues including Baltimore’s The 8×10 on a regular basis. On Thanksgiving eve, The Bridge played their last-ever show to a sold out Rams Head Live! downtown, and the evening was bittersweet.

A clip from the band’s last show, spanning almost five hours. Not the best sound quality, but great energy.

It’s disheartening to see a band that spent ten years together call it quits. Especially when they’re as talented as this group of guys was. When a local band can sell out a venue with a capacity of 1,600 but is still brought down primarily by “money issues,” you kind of question, well, everything about the music industry.

But the band members will continue on in various forms. Frontman Cris Jacobs is a hell of a guitar player, and he’ll be fronting the Cris Jacobs Band with new songs, plus a few from the Bridge catalog.

In the meantime, get to know what made this band special. Beatboxing and and twang in the same song? The Bridge dared to do it.