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The Analog Affair – "We Were Lovers"

These are hazy days.

There are fires burning thousand of acres of land down south in Colorado. The smoke has crept up to Denver and it caused an eerie haze over the city streets yesterday.

The fires are amplified by high winds and high 90’s temperatures. The heat has also thrown a wrench into my sleep–in that, it’s taking me forever to fall sleep because it’s so hot. And when I do fall asleep, I’m having this recurring dream. It’s a dream about a girl–a girl that I’ve known for awhile and never have thought of in this context. I’ve known her for the majority of my time here and we share some similar passions and frustrations, but we’ve got very different outlooks on many things. It wouldn’t be too far off to say that we’re like bread and Legos.

Nevertheless, on these past couple heat-stricken nights, when I close my eyes, I have a rendezvous with my subconscious and I think about her. It’s odd to me, but intoxicating still. I doubt that when we wake up and look at the same smoky Denver streets tomorrow that we have the same dreams.

It’s hazy when I’m awake, but I now associate this song with her.

If we were lovers then you take it back
Then we stayed till the fire died down
Then we let it go

I’ve come a long way
So if you wanna wait now
I’ll probably stay

Just tell me who you wanna be
I promise I’ll take you
But I’ll struggle with me

So baby come down with me tonight
Just lay it all down upon the line

We Were Lovers is the song. I was sent it as one of a couple different songs from the Washington DC-based band The Analog Affair and I think that this one fits the story and its chilled out aura is worth a listen with or without personal anecdotes. It’s been far too long since this site has featured a chillwave track.

I know the fires and the heat will eventually die down. With them, the dreams of when we were lovers will go, too.