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Kites – Art Tastes Better Blind


Unsigned London band Kites is made up by Richard Baldwin, Jasper Perkins, Jack Newton, and fronted by Matthew Phillips. Kites is a seeming 2011 lovechild tribute to New Order and Talking Head. If that doesn’t work for you, maybe a British version of early The Killers would be a fitting comp. Nevertheless, I think the 80’s synthpop influences are pretty apparent.

I love early Killers and appropriately, I’m getting a lot of the same feelings as I listened to the Kites’s EP. The 80’s electro influences are a wee bit more evident than anything on Hot Fuss though. It’d be unfair to assign the prediction of Kites success to the same level of The Killers, but the boys of Las Vegas proved there’s a large audience for this type of music. Here’s hoping that Kites can reach that audience and succeed.

I’ve decided to highlight Art Tastes Better Blind, with a new version of the song being released today. Check it out and enjoy!

Here is their Facebook.

Art Tastes Better Blind by Kites