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April Was A Passenger – “Wall”

Happy Monday! Or at least it’s about to be after you take a listen to Wall by April Was a Passenger.

I was hooked during the first twenty seconds of listening to this song. The slow build in the first 30 seconds had me so intrigued for what was about to happen with the rest of the song. I felt like I was watching a super intense thriller, but in song form. I don’t even like thrillers but if they were ever this great, thriller movie-makers might have a new fan coming their way.

April Was a Passenger hails from Paris consisting of Minouche Briot, Jérôme Baudouin, and Anthony Caruana. This trio has been making music since September, 2011, and clearly been kicking butt and taking names.

This electropop song has different twists throughout that will remind you of some of your greater dancing memories that were made while listening to the likes of M83, Youngblood Hawke, Justice, and Passion Pit – just to name a few. If you like what you hear, the band just released their EP on Friday. You can check it out on Soundcloud.

Magic Man – “Paris”

Where does music take you? Does it take you away to a dream or a memory or to the place in the song title?

I’m not that worldly so it’s rarely that I’ve been to the town, city, or place a song is named after but when I hear a certain song, it can go to a place that stands out in my mind. I’ll always have a special place for South Dakota by Magic Man. It’s magically, ethereal, and triumphant. It has to make my favorite songs ever list. I don’t know if what I’m saying makes sense, but you were subjected to this little intro because…

Magic Man is back!

Last month on Valentine’s Day, they released their first song in a couple of years. It’s called Paris. I haven’t been to Paris, like I haven’t been to South Dakota, but the song’s title is only part of the story.

Magic Man is bigger than ever, grown from the duo of the Real Life Color era to a five piece today. Their sound seems to have matured as well. Paris definitely reminds of the new Passion Pit. Comparisons aside, I’m excited for the return of Magic Man to my life.

Here is their Facebook. Below you will find Paris. South Dakota is included, too. Enjoy.

The Royal Concept – World On Fire

World On Fire sees the continuation of the big indie pop sound that The Royal Concept has staked out as their sound.

I’ve previously featured The Royal Concept as they produced one of my favorite EPs of 2012. I’m happy to hear that their new song is just as catchy as their debut EP. For those not familiar, you might hear hints of Phoenix or The Strokes in World On Fire and other songs from The Royal Concept.

The Swedish band is made up of David Larson, Filip Bekic, Povel Olsson, and Mangus Nillson. The band formed in Stockholm in 2011. Here is their Facebook.

Enjoy World On Fire.

Lilly Wood and The Prick – Le Mas

I came across this track in a rather roundabout way. I was listening to a mix of French jazz mix the other day (not exactly my go-to or my twentieth choice normally but it is what I was listening to nevertheless) and I was trying to find one song from that mix on Sunday. I couldn’t find it but I stumbled upon this song from Lilly Wood and The Prick.

It is not jazz, but it is French. I was enchanted with the lead vocals on the first listen. I still am and that’s why I’m sharing.

Formed in 2006 in Paris, Lilly Wood and The Prick is made up of Nili Hadida (lead vocals, piano, glockenspiel) and Benjamin Cotto (guitar and backing vocals).

Le Mas is off of their latest album, The Fight, which was released in November. If you like Le Mas, another song that you might like is Down The Drain.