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Easy Lover – “The Sweet”

One of my favorite parts of being a smaller music blog is that we don’t get caught up in the pageview race. We don’t have to just post stuff that will garner views, we can post the songs that are awesome or amazing or truly appeal to our ears and hearts.

I lead with that paragraph because this song and the new Cults song were back-to-back in my listening queue. This song is awesome to me; the Cults song not so much. But I don’t see this song at all as frequently as the Cults song. That just doesn’t seem right. Granted, Cults have earned a fanbase with their discography, but it’s like people are posting it just because it’s Cults and not even listening. The goal, in my mind, should be to share the best that we discover and come across musically. Take my thoughts with a grain of salt, though, because this is just one man’s opinion of two songs.

Nevertheless, I think you should listen to Easy Lover’s The Sweet. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that it definitely seems to recall a personal Beach House favorite, Take Care, because of the lyrics and the production. That and the vocals are swoon-worthy–the last minute and a half is why we fall in love with music and in general.

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The Fine Machines – “Alton Levy”

I got lost, driving, away from the city. It felt good in an odd, rejuvenating way. It was a Sunday drive where I let myself get lost in the countryside and let my mind wander a little.

When I got back I wanted a song that captured some of the wandering and the lonesomeness. I listened to a lot of pop initially and then I stumbled across a song by The Fine Machines that I knew was exactly what I wanted to listen to and post. The song is Alton Levy and it’s off their debut album that came out this past week. The last stanza was perfectly measured for today’s little trip.

Everything is calm now
and expected to repeat
raging storms aren’t so loud
in a haze of electricity
I wonder if the crisp dry ground
dreams high in the hills
I wonder if it will burn down,
turn over and rebuild.

The Fine Machines is a 3 piece folk band from New York City made up by Dan Piccoli, Nate Allen, and Jim Joustra. The trio formed in Brooklyn in April 2012.

You can listen to and buy their debut, Distant Shores, on Bandcamp. Enjoy Alton Levy.

The Spring Standards – “Wildfire Forest”

The Spring Standards are an indie folk band from Brooklyn, NY. Heard that pitch before? Drop everything you think you know about that genre. I find it hard to describe what their magic formula is, and what makes the record pop out as a whole. This song in particular, from their 2012 EP Yellow/Gold, puts me on a roller-coaster ride through my own head every time I hear it. My theory though, is that, while they take their sonic cues from modern indie rock, the eat-your-heart-out melodies, and immediate songwriting echo an early era-Crosby Stills Nash, Buffalo Springfield, oh my god just press play.

Black Light Dinner Party – “We Are Golden”

I wanted to share the music video for Black Light Dinner Party’s latest song, We Are Golden. It’s an animated video that took 3 years to animate. It’s telling the story of Soola and Pum through an anime-influenced narrative.

We Are Golden is a great followup to Older Together, which has over 100K listens on Soundcloud. It is lighter on the low end than Older Together, but perhaps has a wider appeal with its airy pop elements. Whatever the analysis, I like it.

Black Light Dinner Party is Jack Côté, Zach Lipkins, Joel Friedman, and Dan Stevens. The NYC quartet have been together since 2010. Like BLDP on Facebook. The video was produced by dreambear. Enjoy the video below.