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[2010 Year-End List] Favorite Songs


So I’ve compiled a list of my favorites songs from 2010. It was… an interesting year for me. If you can pick out a theme among the songs, you’re probably right about it. I know some were released in 2009 but they were more prominent this year. And yeah, some won’t be released until 2011 but it’s not that I can unhear them and unlike them. The world doesn’t function like Facebook.

Not to run off on some tangent, but I’m not sure what qualifies anyone to write a list and call the songs on it the best. So it might only be a slight semantic difference, but I’m not making that mistake here–this is a list of my favorites. Largehearted Boy has more year end lists to check out if you want.

I’ve included Soundcloud streams and links to some of the posts written throughout the year on the songs. It may take a second to load all the songs. Without further ado, here’s the list:

Active Child – When Your Love Is Safe