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Wild Party – Nicely Done

We’ve previously featured Wild Party here at 1146 miles. Their style of indie rock is reminiscent of early The Killers (see Life’s Too Short) and has a radio-friendly verve to it. They’ve recently released a new album and I wanted to feature Nicely Done today. It is another example of catchy rock that had my attention from the first time I heard Wild Party. Other highlights on the album include When I Get Older, Connect The Dots, Take My Advice, and the aforementioned Life’s Too Short.

The band is a quartet that hails from San Antonio, Texas and is comprised of Lincoln Kreifels, Lucas Hughes, Jake Kreifels, and Ethan Kaufmann. You can and should like them on Facebook

Here’s a link to their album, Phantom Pop. Give it a listen and enjoy Nicely Done here.

Wild Party – Take My Advice

Wild Party Take My Advice

Wild Party is actually a group I’ve written about previously (here’s my first post on Wild Party). They’re an indie rock group from Texas and they are Lincoln Kreifels, Jake Kreifels, Lucas Hughes, Ethan Kaufmann, and Jared Shotwell, individually. Originally, I featured Life’s Too Short and now I’m featuring Take My Advice. Those two songs are the two sides to their double A-side single, which is out on Friend vs. Records.

While this song is from last year and it sounds eerily close to something that I can’t recall right now (maybe a Strokes song?), it’s something that I’ve been playing a lot recently and enjoying. I hope you enjoy it, too.

Here’s their Reverbnation and their Facebook.

[2010 Year-End List] Favorite Songs


So I’ve compiled a list of my favorites songs from 2010. It was… an interesting year for me. If you can pick out a theme among the songs, you’re probably right about it. I know some were released in 2009 but they were more prominent this year. And yeah, some won’t be released until 2011 but it’s not that I can unhear them and unlike them. The world doesn’t function like Facebook.

Not to run off on some tangent, but I’m not sure what qualifies anyone to write a list and call the songs on it the best. So it might only be a slight semantic difference, but I’m not making that mistake here–this is a list of my favorites. Largehearted Boy has more year end lists to check out if you want.

I’ve included Soundcloud streams and links to some of the posts written throughout the year on the songs. It may take a second to load all the songs. Without further ado, here’s the list:

Active Child – When Your Love Is Safe


Wild Party – Life’s Too Short

The Burning Ear highlighted the five piece group from Texas, Wild Party, and in particular, the song Life’s Too Short. Since they did; the song has been on near repeat for me. Wild Party is composed of brothers Lincoln and Jake Kreifels (vocals & bass), Lucas Hughes (guitar), Ethan Kaufmann (guitar) and Jared Shotwell (drums).

The things that stay with me from Life’s Too Short are a pair of lyrics: moments, months, or lives and will you still say hello? Both The Burning Ear and their Myspace make the argument that Lincoln’s voice sounds a lot like Brandon Flowers but I don’t agree. I think it’s more that the band sounds like The Killers and thus it makes for an easy vocal comparison. I do, however, like the statement that Wild Party could easily be the love child of The Killers and The Strokes. At least, it sounds like there are elements of dance rock and garage pop there. For me, it’s a great combo.

Wild Party recently toured the UK with The Wombats in October. They released the double-sided single in the UK on November 8th. I couldn’t find any American tour dates.

You can download this song for free through Friends vs Records. Definitely recommend that you do.

Wild Party – Life’s Too Short