1146 miles was started when Ian was 1146 miles away from home. The distance serves a metaphor for the journey of life and the music featured here is the soundtrack for that journey. It is new music and old favorites. You may be further or closer than a thousand miles from home, may have different ideas about what home entails, and may like different genres of music, but we all share some collective sense of joy when we find things we like–especially music. Here is where we capture a little of that joy, feature some of that music, and find our way to the place we call home.


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Ian founded 1146 miles as a way to get through the insufferable grind of law school. He kept it pretty anonymous at first as he is always leery of sharing too much online. Plus, he was heart broken and just needed to say some stuff. Little by little (a great Oasis song by the way), he has broken out of his shell. His interests range from politics to sports to music. If you want to offer him a job in any of those three, he’ll be happy to listen. In the meantime, he’s listening to as much music as he can. You contact Ian several ways.



Meera loves saying that her best friends are over a foot taller than her, referring to Ian and DJ Echoes, both of whom she went to college with. Meera is a music and paint aficionado. She won’t be opening up an art gallery any time soon, but she does thoroughly love writing about music, especially new artist submissions in the 1146 miles inbox. She’s lives in the DC area, and you can follow her crazy antics via Twitter.

DJ Echoes


DJ Echoes (John, according to that pesky birth certificate) is a hobbyist musician/producer, software engineer, and obsessive music fan. Currently located in the greater Baltimore area, he used to be a DJ on Penn State’s student-run radio station, The Lion 90.7 FM (Tuesday night’s Indie 500 show).

He also enjoys writing about himself in the third person.



Harris has been a guitarist most of his life, and more recently a songwriter. A New York native, he graduated from Washington University in St. Louis in the spring, where he did some writing for Eleven Music Magazine. Now he is settled in DC, working in politics and writing music whenever he can. Harris listens to a variety of rock and folk, but has recently been a sucker for alternative country. Look forward to some good old rootsy posts from Harris.



If there’s one genre the posts of 1146 miles were lacking, it was jazz. Chris has filled this void wonderfully and has introduced many timeless and modern classics of the genre while also highlighting techniques and under-recognized masters of the craft.

Other Contributors

1146 miles has been blessed with contributions from others as well. Without them, the site would not be nearly as good. For a complete list, you can view the writers page.